Digital Scrapbooking

When I got married almost 15 years ago, I received a 12×12 white wedding scrapbook and some tools to work on it.  And so began my love affair with scrapbooking.  I have about 5 books pre-children.  Then, I have about 16 books for my oldest son (who is only 9, what can I say, I tend to take a lot of pics) and the poor twins only have 4 books each.  This year I started to forgo doing a book for each child and am doing family books from here on out.  I figure they can fight over them some day down the road (or should I say their wives will fight over them).  I’m hoping to decrease the fighting by doing all my scrapbooking on my computer, digitally.  I started digital about 4 years ago.  And it was the best decision!  No more unpacking all my supplies all over the kitchen table and then having to clean up.  Everything is on my computer.  I work on my pages at least once a week, more in the winter.  I am only five months behind, which for me is fabulous!  Email me with questions or leave a comment, I love to talk to others about this!  I also teach a Digital Scrapbooking for Beginners class every winter.  Let me know if you’re interested!  Here are a few samples of pages I’ve worked on recently.  Enjoy!

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