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My Contribution

Just thought I’d share this link to a friend’s blog that I contributed a photo to.  She is running a series for the 12 days before Christmas with the theme of “chasing hope.”  She asked for photo contributions and I offered this one.  Take a look around her blog, check it out.  Enjoy.

Love You Mandi!

Tomorrow morning at this time I will be in the air on my way to New York City for the wedding of one of my dearest friends.  Mandi and her two sisters lived right down the road from us our entire childhood.  We were the same age and her sister and my sister were the same age.  Our mom’s babysat for each other often and I spent most of my younger years with Mandi.  We went to the library on our bikes, jumped on (and broke) each others beds, ate over at each others houses, had sleepovers, watched movies, sang to The Sound of Music records and went to high school together.

I am so excited that she is finally getting married to the sweetest man around.  Jeff, I’m so happy that you make my friend so happy.  I can’t wait to head out to the east coast for the next five days and be part of your very special day.  I am honored that I get to take your wedding photos!

Mandi, I love you and am so happy for you.  I will see you tomorrow.  Until then, enjoy a few old pics I found that I had already scanned into the computer.  I wish I had some older ones, but I need to dig for those!

Glimpses of God’s Glory

Sometimes, when I see sunsets like these, I feel like God is giving me a glimpse into His world.  His glory was on full display last week through three nights of beautiful sunsets.  I’m finally looking at the pictures I took this morning and am reminded of a song my dad wrote years ago.  He recently posted a portion of it on my Facebook wall in response to something I said and I felt it fit these pictures perfectly:

‘He let me catch a glimpse of His holy face
and all I wanna do is to run the race
I’ve got to reach the goal by coming face to face
once again…’

Thank you Lord for giving us glimpses of your glory on a regular basis, if only we take the time to see them.  May God bless you all in your week ahead!

Scentsy Party

My sister-in-law asked if I would like to co-host a Scentsy Party with her and, of course, I said yes!  We had a fun time last night thanks to our fun consultant, Jennifer.  We are leaving the party open until the middle of September.  Feel free to click on the link below if you weren’t able to come last night and check out their great product.  Thanks to all who did come, it was great seeing you all!

Permanent Makeup

In my previous life, I worked for a plastic surgeon.  Working from his office was a permanent cosmetic artist named Nicole.  She would perform medical tattooing for patients that had undergone breast reconstruction after breast cancer.  She also did permanent makeup for clients which included eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner and full lips.  About four years ago I had my upper and lower eyeliner done and have loved it!  No more sweating my makeup off or worrying about a mess while swimming.  I also do not have to take the time to put it on every morning.  If I want something more dramatic, I just add more on top.  My mother also had her eyeliner and eyebrows done about 4 years ago.  As she got older, her eyebrows grew thinner and thinner.  She loves her eyebrows and will be going to see Nicole soon for a touchup, as they have faded some over the years.

I have been friends with Nicole since she started at the doctor’s office.  She is still there one day a week working for him, but she has recently opened up her own spatique in Jenison, specializing in women’s specialties including hair, skin, cancer care, wigs, permanent cosmetics and electrology.  I had the pleasure of enjoying a haircut by her this week and was able to catch up.  Her salon is absolutely beautiful and I recommend her services to everyone I know.  I was able to grab some pics of the shop while there.  If you know someone going through cancer treatments or finishing cancer treatments that might enjoy some TLC, stop in to see Nicole and grab your special someone a gift certificate for services.  And if you’re interested in permanent makeup, checkout her website or Facebook business page for information and to see before and after pictures.  Or email me with questions, I want to see her helping as many people as possible!  Nicole, I love you!  God has given you a heart for working with women and helping them look and feel their best.  May you be blessed as you bless others with your special talents.

Pinterest Addict

A good friend of mine recently told me about a new website called Pinterest.  When she tried to explain the concept, I was a little confused.  But after I got home from our dinner out, I went right to the computer and looked this site up.  What I found has been so much fun!  However, if you already spend too much time on the computer and don’t need another site to consume your time, I would recommend staying away from this one 🙂  If you are into photography, design, interior design, staging, etc…you know what story boards or design boards are.  This site basically houses your own digital story boards.  You “pin” things to your “boards.”  You can also follow other’s boards and repin things you see on the site.  You can also pin almost anything you see on the internet.  I have a board for wedding fun, tattoo awesomeness, my style, yummy food, for the home, etc…Check it out!  You have to “request an invite” in order to join.  You give them your info and they email you about 5-7 days later “inviting” you to join.  It’s fun and inspirational.  Lots of great ideas.  Have fun.  And husbands, I apologize in advance, this site is totally addicting.

Here goes…

As most of you know, I earn my living as a photographer.  I love my job and have a real passion for wedding photography in particular.  Most of you also know I love food.  I love to bake, cook, try new things and most of all eat.  I also love to read, watch movies, scrapbook and watch HGTV and the Food Network.  I spend a lot of time with our twin 4-year old boys and our 8 year old.  Sundays are the most important day of the week for me, as I spend them at church in the morning with my family and at my parent’s house afterward for lunch and fun.

Spread the word to friends and family, tell them to check out my new blog.  I will blog about photography, food, family, hobbies and more.  Leave comments and let me know about topics you’d like to see covered.  And check back often as I will hopefully be posting daily.