Outdoor Kids Photography

When I was thinking about starting this blog, I was trying to come up with one direction to move in.  Then I realized I wanted to move in A LOT of directions, just like my daily life.  So while I might blog about food one day, I might blog about my photography business or my favorite books the next.  Today I thought we could take a look at outdoor children’s photography.  Here are some tips and tricks for getting some good pics of your little ones.

1.  Take them outside.  As we all know, outdoor natural lighting is the best.  And if you can get an overcast day instead of a bright sunny one, you’ll be really happy with the nice, soft light.  My niece is 2 years old and not one to sit in front of a backdrop (at least not willingly).  I found this great outfit at the local farmer’s market, bought it, got home and dressed her in it.  I fluffed her hair and then said “Let’s go outside and play.”

2.  Key word here: PLAY.  Take them out and let them run around.  The trick is to follow them around with your camera in hand.  Some of my best shots from this photo shoot were the spontaneous ones.

3.  Interact with them.  Right now, my twins are 4 and are also not as into getting their photo taken as I am of taking them.  Being 4, they are starting to think certain words are quite funny.  Just say the word “fart” and they crack up. (What can I say, I have 3 boys).   Another big trick we are using right now is saying “Now don’t smile, no giggling allowed…no, no, I said no laughing.”  My 4 year olds fall for this every time.

4.  Sometimes the “grumpy” shots are the cutest ones.  No photo shoot is complete for me without a few crabby faces or grumpy eyes.  And don’t be afraid to get right in their face, sometimes filling the whole frame with just face is fun.  (But let me warn you, great grandma will not like this one, it won’t be traditional enough for her.  Mine always complains, “But his head is cut off, I just don’t like these so close up.)

5.  Have fun!  Because we all know they grow up fast and we’ll look back at these photo shoots and wonder where the time went.  At least that’s what everyone says to me, I say a prayer every day thanking God that my twins are another day older and we’re one day closer to school.  But I still have fun taking pics of my boys.

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2 Comments on “Outdoor Kids Photography”

  1. Karla Anderson
    July 7, 2011 at 8:50 am #

    Do you remember taking Emily’s 6 month pictures and the only face she would make was that big pouty lip? I was so sad she didn’t giggle or smile. Now I treasure those adorable pouty lip pictures. 🙂 Love this blog idea! You are so incredibly talented and creative.

    • July 7, 2011 at 9:19 am #

      karla, i do remember that! she was so cute, but just not going for it that day 🙂 i love the pouty pics.

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