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Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad’s birthday!  He turns 59.  God has blessed me with the best father anyone could ask for and I’m so honored to call him my dad.  He’s actually given me a gift, a gift that keeps on giving every year that goes by.  My dad lives out his faith in Christ on a daily basis and always has, and I’ve been able to witness it for the past 35 (almost 36) years.  I hope and pray that when my boys are old and grey, they will look back and look at me the way I look back at my dad; that I lived my faith daily and they could see it and feel it.  That’s how I feel about my dad.  He also introduced me to every and all types of music, and I’m also so thankful for that.  Every time he posts a song video on his Facebook page I smile.  I love to watch him sing and my kids do too.  So on top of all the great stuff I’ve already written, he’s the best grandpa to my boys!  He takes them kayaking, on walks, teaches them how to collect rocks, sings with them, talk to them about Jesus and most importantly loves them for who they are.  I love him more than words can say and am so proud to call him my dad.  I love you dad!