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Cottage Life

As I mentioned in my last post, my parents rent the same cottage every year in August for a week.  We all go up as one big, extended family (Papa, Oma, Beca, Sara, all the kids and hubbies when they can get out of work) and love each other all week.  My parents have been doing this for seven years now and I love this week.  Every year my boys and I look forward to it.  I tend to take lots of pictures all week, and this year was no exception.  I’ve also realized that my twins like to just wear their underwear all week.  I came home to one whole load of underwear in the laundry, and that’s all.  They swam in them, slept in them and played in them.  Good enough for me.  We spend a lot of time kayaking, a lot of time swimming and a lot of time giving kisses.  And the week would not be complete without watching all the Tiger baseball games!  These are a few of my favorites from the week.

Millennium Park Fun

Yesterday, my sister and I took our kids to Millennium Park in Grand Rapids.  For those of you that might not live here, there is a man-made lake, a beach area, a splash-pad and picnic areas.  There is no cost to get in, but there is a minimal cost to use the beach and splash-pad.  Adults cost $4 and kids over age 3 are $2.  Total cost for me and my 3 boys was only $10.  The weather was perfect.  Overcast, but warm enough to be in the water.  The lake water was perfect (at least for me, i do not swim unless the water is like my bathtub) and we started there.  The water is so clear and the bottom is pure sand.  The kids loved it!  Then we moved over to the splash-pad.  I stayed on the sidelines, as that water was too cold for me.  But my oldest loved it and my sister’s little girl, who is only 2, had a blast.  I would highly recommend spending a day here if you’ve never been.  It is much busier on weekends and when it is 90 degrees, so keep that in mind.  Have fun!