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Baby Owen {3 Month Session}

Baby Owen is 3 months old already!  I was blessed to be able to work with this family again this year and take some 3 month pictures of this precious little guy and also a few family pics for a Christmas card.  It feels like we just did newborn shots of this little man, and here we are at 3 months old already!

Henry Paul {3 Month Session}

Last Sunday was my nephew Henry’s 3 month birthday.  Feels like my sister and I were just flying north on US131 early on the morning of August 2 from our vacation cottage to get her to the hospital, when in actuality it was already 3 months ago!  Little Henry made his debut about a month early, but he has filled out nicely and is such a sweet little baby.  Mom wanted a few pics of Henry with each member of his family.  For any other photographers out there, you all know that it can be a challenge getting a picture of a 3 year old and a 3 month old, but I think we got a few cute ones of Henry with his big sister Elsha.  Love you all!