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Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

I’m a day late, but happy anniversary to my mom and dad.  It would also have been my grandparents anniversary, September 1.  My parents have been married for 39 years already, where does the time go?  To celebrate their 39 years, I thought I’d throw up a few great pics from their wedding, because we all know I’m into vintage 🙂  And I’ll put a few of my grandparents up too, for fun.  Because not only did they get married on the same day, my mom wore the same dress that my grandmother wore.  I wanted to wear it for mine, but I’m about seven inches taller than either one of them and let’s be honest, the dress hasn’t fit me since I was ten.  Anyway, happy happy day to both of you.  Love you both and I thank God that He blessed me with such a Godly marriage to strive towards.